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Reserve air

reserve air n.
See expiratory reserve volume.


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  • Reserve-bank

    noun 1. one of the 12 principal banks of the U.S. Federal Reserve System. 2. a bank authorized by a government to hold the reserves of other banks. reserve bank noun 1. one of the twelve banks forming part of the US Federal Reserve System

  • Reserve-buoyancy

    noun, Nautical. 1. the difference between the volume of a hull below the designed waterline and the volume of the hull below the lowest opening incapable of being made watertight.

  • Reserve-capacity

    noun, Automotive. 1. the capacity of a battery, measured in minutes, to keep a vehicle operating if the charging system fails.

  • Reserve-clause

    noun, Sports. 1. the clause in the contract of a professional player in some sports that binds the player to a team for a season beyond the expiration of the contract in the event a new contract has not been made meanwhile or the player has not been sent to another team.

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