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to settle or cause to settle in a new or different place


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  • Resettlement

    noun 1. the act or state of settling or the state of being settled. 2. the act of making stable or putting on a permanent basis. 3. a state of stability or permanence. 4. an arrangement or adjustment, as of business affairs or a disagreement. 5. an agreement signed after labor negotiations between union and […]

  • Res-gestae

    plural noun 1. things done; accomplishments; deeds. 2. Law. the acts, circumstances, and statements that are incidental to the principal fact of a litigated matter and are admissible in evidence in view of their relevant association with that fact. plural noun 1. things done or accomplished; achievements 2. (law) incidental facts and circumstances that are […]

  • Resh

    noun 1. the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 2. the consonant sound represented by this letter. noun 1. the 20th letter in the Hebrew alphabet (ר), transliterated as r

  • Reshape

    verb (used with object), reshaped, reshaping. 1. to shape again or into different form. verb (transitive) 1. to shape (something) again or differently

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