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an alien who has legally established residence in the U.S.
an alien who has legally entered the U.S. as an immigrant with the intention of becoming a citizen.


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  • Resident-commissioner

    noun 1. a representative from a dependency, as Guam or Puerto Rico, who is entitled to speak, but not to vote, in the U.S. House of Representatives. resident commissioner noun 1. the representative of Puerto Rico in the US House of Representatives. He or she may speak but has no vote

  • Residential

    adjective 1. of or relating to residence or to residences: a residential requirement for a doctorate. 2. suited for or characterized by private residences: a residential neighborhood. adjective 1. suitable for or allocated for residence: a residential area 2. relating to or having residence

  • Residential care

    noun 1. (social welfare) the provision by a welfare agency of a home with social-work supervision for people who need more than just housing accommodation, such as children in care or mentally handicapped adults

  • Residential gateway

    noun a device that allows multiple devices access to the Internet through a single high-speed connection; also called gateway

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