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capable of or inclined to resistance; resisting.
Electricity. pertaining to or relying on electrical resistance:
Pressure from your finger creates an electrical contact between the two layers of a resistive touchscreen.
Compare capacitive (def 2).
another word for resistant
exhibiting electrical resistance


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  • Resistivity

    noun 1. the power or property of resistance. 2. Also called specific resistance. Electricity. the resistance between opposite faces of a one-centimeter cube of a given material; ratio of electric intensity to cross-sectional area; reciprocal of conductivity. noun 1. the electrical property of a material that determines the resistance of a piece of given dimensions. […]

  • Resistless

    adjective 1. irresistible. 2. not resisting. adjective (archaic) 1. unresisting 2. irresistible

  • Resistor

    noun, Electricity. 1. a device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit. noun 1. an electrical component designed to introduce a known value of resistance into a circuit resistor (rĭ-zĭs’tər) A device used in electrical circuits to maintain a constant relation between current flow and voltage. Resistors are used to step up or lower […]

  • Resist-printing

    noun 1. a fabric-printing method in which a dye-resistant substance is applied to certain specified areas of the material prior to immersion in a dye bath and subsequently removed so as to permit the original hue to act as a pattern against the colored ground.

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