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Resonant cavity

another name for cavity resonator


Read Also:

  • Resonant circuit

    resonant circuit (rěz’ə-nənt) An electric circuit which has very low impedance at a certain frequency. Resonant circuits are often built using an inductor, such as a coil, connected in parallel to a capacitor. The response of the circuit to signals of different frequencies is a function of the inductance and capacitance of the circuit and […]

  • Resonant-jet engine

    [rez-uh-nuh nt-jet] /ˈrɛz ə nəntˈdʒɛt/ noun 1. resojet engine.

  • Resonantly

    adjective 1. resounding or echoing, as sounds: the resonant thundering of cannons being fired. 2. deep and full of resonance: a resonant voice. 3. pertaining to resonance. 4. producing resonance; causing amplification or sustention of sound. 5. pertaining to a system in a state of resonance, especially with respect to sound. noun 6. Phonetics. a […]

  • Resonate

    verb (used without object), resonated, resonating. 1. to resound. 2. to act as a resonator; exhibit resonance. 3. Electronics. to reinforce oscillations because the natural frequency of the device is the same as the frequency of the source. 4. to amplify vocal sound by the sympathetic vibration of air in certain cavities and bony structures. […]

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