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[ri-zawr-suh-nawl-thal-een, -ee-in, -fthal-, -nol-, rez-awr-] /rɪˈzɔr sə nɔlˈθæl in, -i ɪn, -ˈfθæl-, -nɒl-, rɛzˈɔr-/
noun, Chemistry.


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  • Resorption

    noun 1. the destruction, disappearance, or dissolution of a tissue or part by biochemical activity, as the loss of bone or of tooth dentin. 2. Also called reabsorption. the selective uptake into the bloodstream of substances previously filtered out of the blood. noun 1. the process of resorbing or the state of being resorbed 2. […]

  • Resorption lacuna

    resorption lacuna n. See Howship’s lacuna.

  • Resort

    verb (used without object) 1. to have recourse for use, help, or accomplishing something, often as a final available option or resource: to resort to war. 2. to go, especially frequently or customarily: a beach to which many people resort. noun 3. a place to which people frequently or generally go for relaxation or pleasure, […]

  • Re-sort

    verb (used with object) 1. to sort or arrange (cards, papers, etc.) again. verb 1. (transitive) to sort again

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