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noun, Grammar.
a relative clause that identifies the antecedent and that is usually not set off by commas in English. In The year that just ended was bad for crops, the clause that just ended is a restrictive clause.


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  • Restrictive-covenant

    noun 1. a covenant with a clause that restricts the action of any party to it, especially an agreement among property owners not to sell to members of particular minority groups. restrictive covenant noun 1. (law) a covenant imposing a restriction on the use of land for the purpose of preserving the enjoyment or value […]

  • Restrictively

    adjective 1. tending or serving to restrict. 2. of the nature of a restriction. 3. expressing or implying restriction or limitation of application, as terms, expressions, etc. 4. Grammar. limiting the meaning of a modified element: a restrictive adjective. Compare descriptive (def 2b). adjective 1. restricting or tending to restrict 2. (grammar) denoting a relative […]

  • Restrictive practice

    noun (Brit) 1. a trading agreement against the public interest 2. a practice of a union or other group tending to limit the freedom of other workers or employers

  • Restrictor

    verb (used with object) 1. to confine or keep within limits, as of space, action, choice, intensity, or quantity. verb 1. (often foll by to) to confine or keep within certain often specified limits or selected bounds: to restrict one’s drinking to the evening

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