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that summarizes:
a resumptive statement.
that tends to resume or repeat:
a speech so resumptive that its point was lost.


Read Also:

  • Resumptive-pronoun

    Linguistics. 1. a pronoun that appears in a sentence at a position from which something has been copied or moved by a transformational rule, as found in languages such as Irish, Welsh, Hebrew, and Arabic and in some nonstandard varieties of English, as him in (nonstandard) the man that I gave the book to him.

  • Resupinate

    adjective 1. bent backward. 2. Botany. inverted; appearing as if upside down. adjective 1. (botany) (of plant parts, esp the flowers of many orchids) reversed or inverted in position, so as to appear to be upside down

  • Resupination

    [ri-soo-puh-ney-shuh n] /rɪˌsu pəˈneɪ ʃən/ noun 1. a resupinate condition.

  • Resupine

    adjective 1. lying on the back; supine. adjective 1. (rare) lying on the back; supine

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