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plural noun
the accumulated, undistributed earnings of a corporation.


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  • Retained-income

    noun 1. retained earnings.

  • Retained menstruation

    retained menstruation re·tained menstruation (rĭ-tānd’) n. See hematocolpos.

  • Retained-object

    noun, Grammar. 1. an object in a passive construction identical with the direct or indirect object in the active construction from which it is derived, as the picture in I was shown the picture, which is also the direct object in the active construction (They) showed me the picture. retained object noun 1. (grammar) a […]

  • Retained-object-complement

    noun, Grammar. 1. an object complement that is kept in its predicative position following the verb when the verb is transformed into the passive voice, as genius in He was considered a genius from (They) considered him a genius.

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