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a person or thing that retains.
a servant or attendant who has served a family for many years.
Also called cage, separator. Machinery. a ring separating, and moving with, balls or rollers in a bearing.

a fixed or removable device worn in the mouth to hold the teeth in their new position during the adaptive period after straightening appliances have been removed.
Prosthodontics. a part on a bridge or the like by which the bridge is attached to the natural teeth.

the act of retaining in one’s service.
the fact of being so retained.
a fee paid to secure services, as of a lawyer.
(history) a supporter or dependant of a person of rank, esp a soldier
a servant, esp one who has been with a family for a long time
a clip, frame, or similar device that prevents a part of a machine, engine, etc, from moving
a dental appliance for holding a loose tooth or prosthetic device in position
a fee paid in advance to secure first option on the services of a barrister, jockey, etc
a reduced rent paid for a flat, room, etc, during absence to reserve it for future use

retainer re·tain·er (rĭ-tā’nər)

One that retains, as a device, frame, or groove that restrains or guides, especially for a prosthesis.

An appliance used to hold teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.


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