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Rete ridge

rete ridge n.
Epidermal thickenings that extend downward between dermal papillae.


Read Also:

  • Retest

    verb (transitive) 1. to test (something) again or differently

  • Rete subpapillare

    rete subpapillare rete sub·pap·il·lar·e (sŭb’pāp-ə-lâr’ē) n. A vascular network between the papillary and reticular strata of the dermis.

  • Rete testis

    rete testis rete tes·tis (těs’tĭs) n. The network of canals at the termination of the semiferous tubules.

  • Rete venosum

    rete venosum rete ve·no·sum (vē-nō’səm) n. A venous network.

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