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a network of neurons in the brainstem involved in consciousness, regulation of breathing, the transmission of sensory stimuli to higher brain centers, and the constantly shifting muscular activity that supports the body against gravity.

reticular formation n.
A massive but vaguely delimited neural apparatus composed of closely intermingled gray and white matter, extending the length of the spinal cord and into the diencephalon, and having a dominant role in the central control of autonomic and endocrine functions, bodily posture, skeletomuscular reflex activity, and general behavioral states. Also called reticular substance.
reticular formation
A complex network of neurons and axons that is located throughout the brainstem. The reticular formation regulates consciousness, sleep, and wakefulness.


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  • Reticular membrane

    reticular membrane n. The membrane formed by cuticular plates of the cells of the spiral organ.

  • Reticular substance

    reticular substance n. A filamentous plasmatic material beaded with granules that is visible upon vital staining in the immature red blood cells. See reticular formation.

  • Reticular tissue

    reticular tissue n. Connective tissue in which reticular fibers form a branching network usually having a network of reticular cells associated with the fibers. Also called retiform tissue.

  • Reticulate

    adjective 1. netted; covered with a network. 2. netlike. 3. Botany. having the veins or nerves disposed like the threads of a net. verb (used with object), reticulated, reticulating. 4. to form into a network. 5. to cover or mark with a network. verb (used without object), reticulated, reticulating. 6. to form a network. adjective […]

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