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Retinal cone

retinal cone n.
See cone cell.


Read Also:

  • Retinaldehyde

    retinaldehyde ret·i·nal·de·hyde (rět’n-āl’də-hīd’) n. A yellow to orange aldehyde that is a derivative of vitamin A and acts in the retina to form the visual pigments of the rods and cones. Also called retinal, retinene1.

  • Retinaldehyde isomerase

    retinaldehyde isomerase n. See retinal isomerase.

  • Retinal detachment

    retinal detachment n. See detachment of retina.

  • Retinal isomerase

    retinal isomerase n. An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of the trans form of retinaldehyde to 11-cis retinal, a reaction that is important to the regeneration of the visual pigments. Also called retinaldehyde isomerase.

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