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[pig-men-toh-suh, -muh n-] /ˌpɪg mɛnˈtoʊ sə, -mən-/
noun, Ophthalmology.
degeneration of the retina manifested by night blindness and gradual loss of peripheral vision, eventually resulting in tunnel vision or total blindness.
retinitis pigmentosa
a degenerative hereditary disease of the human eye, characterized by pigmentary changes in the retina, night blindness, and eventual loss of vision

retinitis pigmentosa retinitis pig·men·to·sa (pĭg’mən-tō’sə, -měn-)
A hereditary degenerative disease of the retina, producing conditions such as night blindness, pigmentation changes in the retina, narrowing of the visual field, and the eventual loss of vision. Also called pigmentary retinopathy, tapetoretinal retinopathy.
retinitis pigmentosa
(rět’n-ī’tĭs pĭg’měn-tō’sə)
A hereditary degenerative disease of the retina, characterized by difficulty seeing at night, pigmentary changes within the retina, and eventual loss of vision.


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