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a body of retainers in attendance upon an important personage; suite.
a body of aides and retainers attending an important person, royalty, etc


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  • Retinula

    noun, plural retinulae [ri-tin-yuh-lee] /rɪˈtɪn yəˌli/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. a group of elongate neural receptor cells forming part of an arthropod compound eye: each retinula cell leads to a nerve fiber passing to the optic ganglion.

  • Retiral

    noun 1. (Scot) the act of retiring from office, one’s work, etc; retirement

  • Retirant

    noun 1. retiree.

  • Retire

    verb (used without object), retired, retiring. 1. to withdraw, or go away or apart, to a place of privacy, shelter, or seclusion: He retired to his study. 2. to go to bed: He retired at midnight. 3. to withdraw from office, business, or active life, usually because of age: to retire at the age of […]

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