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a person who has retired from an occupation or profession.
(mainly US) a person who has retired from work


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  • Retirement

    noun 1. the act of retiring, withdrawing, or leaving; the state of being retired. 2. the act of retiring or of leaving one’s job, career, or occupation permanently, usually because of age: I’m looking forward to my retirement from teaching. 3. the portion of a person’s life during which a person is retired: What will […]

  • Retirement-community

    noun 1. a group of houses in a suburban area or a town designed primarily for retired persons.

  • Retirement pension

    noun 1. a pension given to a person who has retired from regular employment, whether paid by the state, arising from the person’s former employment, or the product of investment in a personal or stakeholder pension scheme

  • Retirement-plan

    noun 1. a systematic plan made and kept by an individual for setting aside income for his or her future retirement. 2. pension plan (def 1).

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