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pertaining to the fashionableness of the nostalgic revival of a style; also called retro-cool


Read Also:

  • Retrochoir

    noun 1. that part of a church behind the choir or the main altar. noun 1. the space in a large church or cathedral behind the high altar

  • Retroclusion

    retroclusion ret·ro·clu·sion (rět’rō-klōō’zhən) n. A form of acupressure used to halt bleeding.

  • Retrocognate

    [re-troh-kog-neyt] /ˌrɛ troʊˈkɒg neɪt/ adjective, Psychology. 1. being or pertaining to memory or extrasensory perception of past events.

  • Retrocollic spasm

    retrocollic spasm ret·ro·col·lic spasm (rět’rō-kŏl’ĭk) n. Torticollis in which the spasm affects the posterior neck muscles. Also called retrocollis.

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