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operative with respect to past occurrences, as a statute; retrospective:
a retroactive law.
pertaining to a pay raise effective as of a past date.
applying or referring to the past: retroactive legislation
effective or operative from a date or for a period in the past


Read Also:

  • Retrobulbar

    adjective, Anatomy. 1. situated behind the eyeball.

  • Retrobulbar anesthesia

    retrobulbar anesthesia ret·ro·bul·bar anesthesia (rět’rō-bŭl’bər, -bär’) n. Injection of a local anesthetic behind the eye to produce sensory denervation of the eye.

  • Retrobulbar neuritis

    retrobulbar neuritis n. See optic neuritis.

  • Retrocalcaneobursitis

    retrocalcaneobursitis ret·ro·cal·ca·ne·o·bur·si·tis (rět’rō-kāl-kā’nē-ō-bər-sī’tĭs) n. See achillobursitis.

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