retroconduction ret·ro·con·duc·tion (rět’rō-kən-dŭk’shən)
Conduction backward from the ventricles or from the atrioventricular node into and through the atria.

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  • Retro-cool

    adjective See retro-chic

  • Retro-culture

    noun nostalgic revival of a cultural style

  • Retrocursive

    retrocursive ret·ro·cur·sive (rět’rō-kûr’sĭv) adj. Characterized by running backward.

  • Retrocuspid papilla

    retrocuspid papilla ret·ro·cus·pid papilla (rět’rō-kŭs’pĭd) n. A small tag of tissue on the mandibular gums, lingual to the cuspid teeth, usually bilateral and is considered a normal anatomic structure.

  • Retrodeviation

    retrodeviation ret·ro·de·vi·a·tion (rět’rō-dē’vē-ā’shən) n. A backward bending or inclining.

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