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located or occurring behind a lens, as of the eye.
behind a lens, esp of the eye

retrolental ret·ro·len·tal (rět’rō-lěn’tl)
Of, related to, or being posterior to the lens of the eye.


Read Also:

  • Retrolental-fibroplasia

    noun, Pathology. 1. an unusual eye disease occurring in premature infants, usually from being given high concentrations of oxygen, which causes abnormal formation of fibrous tissue behind the lens and often results in blindness. retrolental fibroplasia n. See retinopathy of prematurity.

  • Retrolingual

    [re-troh-ling-gwuh l] /ˌrɛ troʊˈlɪŋ gwəl/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. situated behind or near the base of the tongue.

  • Retromandibular vein

    retromandibular vein ret·ro·man·dib·u·lar vein (rět’rō-mān-dĭb’yə-lər) n. A vein formed by union of the temporal veins in front of the ear, running behind the ramus of the mandible through the parotid gland, and uniting with the facial vein. Also called posterior facial vein.

  • Retromingency

    [re-troh-min-juh nt] /ˌrɛ troʊˈmɪn dʒənt/ adjective 1. urinating backward because of bodily configuration: The lion is a retromingent animal. noun 2. an animal that urinates backward.

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