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retropharynx ret·ro·phar·ynx (rět’rō-fār’ĭngks)
The posterior part of the pharynx.


Read Also:

  • Retroplasia

    retroplasia ret·ro·pla·sia (rět’rō-plā’zhə, -zhē-ə) n. A decreased state of activity of a cell or tissue that is usually associated with retrogressive changes.

  • Retroposed

    retroposed ret·ro·posed (rět’rə-pōzd’) adj. Displaced backward.

  • Retroposition

    retroposition ret·ro·po·si·tion (rět’rō-pə-zĭsh’ən) n. A simple backward displacement of a structure or organ, such as the uterus, without retroversion or retroflexion.

  • Retroposon

    retroposon ret·ro·po·son (rět’rō-pō’sən) n. A transposition of DNA sequences that does not occur in DNA itself but rather when mRNA is transcribed back into the genomic DNA.

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