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[re-truh-vur-zhuh n, -shuh n] /ˌrɛ trəˈvɜr ʒən, -ʃən/
a looking or turning back.
the resulting state or condition.
Pathology. a tilting or turning backward of an organ or part:
retroversion of the uterus.
the act of turning or condition of being turned backwards
the condition of a part or organ, esp the uterus, that is turned or tilted backwards

retroversion ret·ro·ver·sion (rět’rō-vûr’zhən, -shən)

A turning or tilting backward, as of the uterus.

The state of being turned or tilted back.

A condition in which the teeth are located in a position posterior to normal.

ret’ro·vert’ed adj.


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