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the amount of profit, before tax and after depreciation, from an investment made, usually expressed as a percentage of the original total cost invested.
Abbreviation: ROI.


Read Also:

  • Return-on-net-assets

    noun, Accounting. 1. the amount of profit computed by dividing net income before interest and taxes by the cost of net assets, usually expressed as a percentage. Abbreviation: RONA.

  • Return-receipt

    noun 1. a card bearing the signature of the recipient of registered postal matter, for return to the sender as proof of receipt.

  • Return stroke

    return stroke (rĭ-tûrn’) See reverse lightning.

  • Return the compliment

    Also, return the favor. Repay someone in kind, as in Her political opponent came out with a smear campaign, and she returned the compliment. Neither the compliment nor the favor in this idiom is necessarily desirable. [ First half of 1700s ]

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