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a person who has returned, as from travels or a long absence.
a person returning from overseas duty in the armed forces.
(mainly US & Canadian) a person who returns to his native country, esp after war service


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  • Returner

    noun 1. a person or thing that returns 2. a person who goes back to work after a break, esp a woman who has had children

  • Return extrasystole

    return extrasystole re·turn extrasystole (rĭ-tûrn’) n. A form of reciprocal rhythm in which the impulse, having arisen in the ventricle, ascends toward the atria but before reaching the atria is reflected back to the ventricles to produce a second ventricular contraction.

  • Return-flue boiler

    [ri-turn-floo] /rɪˈtɜrnˈflu/ noun 1. a fire-tube boiler having flues that collect the combustion gases at the end of the boiler opposite the fire door and pass them through the boiler to an uptake above the fire door.

  • Return from interrupt

    programming (RTI) An instruction mnemonic on many computers including the 6502 and 6800. The variant “RETI” is found among former Zilog Z80 hackers (almost nobody programs these things in assembly code anymore). The Intel 80×86 equivalent is “IRET”. (1994-10-31)

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