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verb (used with object)
to renovate, redo, or revise:
We’ve decided to revamp the entire show.
an act or instance of restructuring, reordering, or revising something; overhaul:
a revamp of the nation’s foreign policy.
verb (transitive)
to patch up or renovate; repair or restore
something that has been renovated or revamped
the act or process of revamping


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    noun 1. a type of home mortgage under which an elderly homeowner is allowed a long-term loan in the form of monthly payments against his or her paid-off equity as collateral, repayable when the home is eventually sold. Abbreviation: RAM. noun See reverse mortgage

  • Reverse anorexia

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  • Reverse anorexia nervosa

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  • Reverse apartheid

    noun 1. (South African) a perceived bias against White people following the end of Apartheid

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