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[ri-vur-buh-rey-shuh n] /rɪˌvɜr bəˈreɪ ʃən/
a reechoed sound.
the fact of being reverberated or reflected.
something that is reverberated:
Reverberations from the explosion were felt within a six-mile radius.
an act or instance of reverberating.
Physics. the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped, caused by multiple reflection of the sound within a closed space.
the act or process of subjecting something to reflected heat, as in a reverberatory furnace.


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  • Reverberation-time

    noun 1. the time it takes for a sound made in a room to diminish by 60 decibels. reverberation time noun 1. a measure of the acoustic properties of a room, equal to the time taken for a sound to fall in intensity by 60 decibels. It is usually measured in seconds

  • Reverberator

    verb (used without object), reverberated, reverberating. 1. to reecho or resound: Her singing reverberated through the house. 2. Physics. to be reflected many times, as sound waves from the walls of a confined space. 3. to rebound or recoil. 4. to be deflected, as flame in a reverberatory furnace. verb (used with object), reverberated, reverberating. […]

  • Reverberatory

    [ri-vur-ber-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] /rɪˈvɜr bər əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/ adjective 1. characterized or produced by reverberation. 2. noting a furnace, kiln, or the like in which the fuel is not in direct contact with the ore, metal, etc., to be heated, but furnishes a flame that plays over the material, especially by being deflected downward from […]

  • Reverberatory-furnace

    noun 1. See at reverberatory (def 2). reverberatory furnace noun 1. a metallurgical furnace having a curved roof that deflects heat onto the charge so that the fuel is not in direct contact with the ore

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