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Also called reverse side. Billiards. a spinning motion imparted to a cue ball in such a manner as to prevent it from moving in a certain direction.
Compare running English.
words that, because of their misuse or careless syntax, convey an opposite meaning from the one intended or leave their exact meaning in doubt:
“Don’t miss it if you can” is reverse English.


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  • Reverse-fault

    noun, Geology. 1. a fault in which the rock above the fault plane is displaced upward relative to the rock below the fault plane (opposed to gravity fault). reverse fault (rĭ-vûrs’) A geologic fault in which the hanging wall has moved upward relative to the footwall. Reverse faults occur where two blocks of rock are […]

  • Reverse gears

    verb phrase to change course completely; do an about-face Word Origin fr reverse gear, a gear used to make a vehicle travel backwards Usage Note informal

  • Reversely

    adjective 1. opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character: an impression reverse to what was intended; in reverse sequence. 2. with the back or rear part toward the observer: the reverse side of a fabric. 3. pertaining to or producing movement in a mechanism opposite to that made under ordinary running conditions: a […]

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    noun, Genetics. 1. back mutation. back mutation noun, Genetics. 1. a mutation of an existing mutant gene that restores it to its previous form. back mutation noun 1. (genetics) the reversion of a mutant to the original phenotype noun a mutation that causes a gene to revert to its original wild or original type; also […]

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