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Reverse swing

(cricket) a type of swing in which a ball that has been scuffed on one side will move in the opposite direction to that of a new ball


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  • Reverse takeover

    noun 1. (finance) the purchase of a larger company by a smaller company, esp of a public company by a private company

  • Reverse-transcriptase

    [tran-skrip-teys, -teyz] /trænˈskrɪp teɪs, -teɪz/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a retrovirus enzyme that synthesizes DNA from viral RNA, the reverse of the usual DNA-to-RNA replication: used in genetic engineering to clone genes from RNA strands. reverse transcriptase /trænˈskrɪpteɪz/ noun 1. an enzyme present in retroviruses that copies RNA into DNA, thus reversing the usual flow of […]

  • Reverse transcription

    reverse transcription n. The process by which DNA is synthesized from an RNA template. reverse transcription The process by which DNA is synthesized from an RNA template by means of the enzyme reverse transcriptase.

  • Reverse-video

    noun 1. a mode on the display screen of a computer in which the colors normally used for characters and background are reversed. reverse video noun 1. (computing) a highlighting feature achieved by reversing the colours of normal characters and background on a visual display unit

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