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the act of turning something the reverse way.
the state of being so turned; reversal.
the act of reverting; return to a former practice, belief, condition, etc.

reappearance of ancestral characters that have been absent in intervening generations.
return to an earlier or primitive type; atavism.


the returning of an estate to the grantor or the grantor’s heirs after the interest granted expires.
an estate which so returns.
the right of succeeding to an estate.

Archaic. the remains, especially of food or drink after a meal.
a return to or towards an earlier condition, practice, or belief; act of reverting
the act of reversing or the state of being reversed; reversal

the return of individuals, organs, etc, to a more primitive condition or type
the reappearance of primitive characteristics in an individual or group

(property law)

an interest in an estate that reverts to the grantor or his heirs at the end of a period, esp at the end of the life of a grantee
an estate so reverting
the right to succeed to such an estate

the benefit payable on the death of a life-insurance policyholder

reversion re·ver·sion (rĭ-vûr’zhən)

The return of a trait or characteristic peculiar to a remote ancestor, especially one that has been suppressed for one or more generations.

A return to the normal phenotype, usually by a second mutation.


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  • Reversionary

    or reversional [ri-vur-zhuh-ner-ee, -shuh-] /rɪˈvɜr ʒəˌnɛr i, -ʃə-/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or involving a reversion.

  • Reversionary-annuity

    noun, Insurance. 1. an annuity payable to a beneficiary during the period of time he or she survives the insured.

  • Reversionary bonus

    noun 1. (insurance) a bonus added to the sum payable on death or at the maturity of a with-profits assurance policy

  • Reversioner

    noun, Law. 1. a person who possesses a reversion. noun 1. (property law) a person entitled to an estate in reversion Compare remainderman

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