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verb (used with object), revitalized, revitalizing.
to give new life to.
to give new vitality or vigor to.
(transitive) to restore vitality or animation to


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  • Revivable

    verb (used with object), revived, reviving. 1. to activate, set in motion, or take up again; renew: to revive old feuds. 2. to restore to life or consciousness: We revived him with artificial respiration. 3. to put on or show (an old play or motion picture) again. 4. to make operative or valid again. 5. […]

  • Revival

    noun 1. restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc. 2. restoration to use, acceptance, or currency: the revival of old customs. 3. a new production of an old play. 4. a showing of an old motion picture. 5. an awakening, in a church or community, of interest in and care for matters relating to personal […]

  • Revivalism

    noun 1. the form of religious activity that manifests itself in revivals. 2. the tendency to revive what belongs to the past. noun 1. a movement, esp an evangelical Christian one, that seeks to reawaken faith 2. the tendency or desire to revive former customs, styles, etc

  • Revivalist

    noun 1. a person, especially a member of the clergy, who promotes or holds religious revivals. 2. a person who revives former customs, methods, etc. noun 1. a person who holds, promotes, or presides over religious revivals 2. a person who revives customs, institutions, ideas, etc adjective 3. of, relating to, or characterizing revivalism or […]

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