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a person who advocates or takes part in a .
of, relating to, or characteristic of a ; revolutionary:
revolutionist ideals.
Contemporary Examples

But he was a revolutionist, an often shabby, poverty-stricken genius with a taste for the bottle.
Marx’s Not-So-Marxist Marriage Mary Gabriel September 20, 2011

Historical Examples

But though I am a bit of a revolutionist myself, I cannot quite go with you in the extreme violence you suggest.
A Miscellany of Men G. K. Chesterton

The voice of the revolutionist died behind him, in a chorus of fury.
Long Live the King Mary Roberts Rinehart

He was not a revolutionist; he knew well that violence would be no remedy; that there lay only madness and deeper misery.
Thomas Carlyle Hector Carsewell Macpherson

Nay, it is only now that the work of the revolutionist begins.
The Conquest of Bread Peter Kropotkin

I should not allow inane sentimentality to influence me: it is beneath the revolutionist.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman

Quite the contrary; and Verloc was as well aware of that as any other revolutionist of his standing.
The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad

The revolutionist ought without cease to develop every iota of his energy; he must deepen and broaden it; but this demands time.
Mother Maksim Gorky

It is not by destroying, but by creating, that you have just done the work of a revolutionist.
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Emile Zola

But in saying this I must beg my reader to understand that a radical is not necessarily a revolutionist or even a republican.
Rachel Ray Anthony Trollope

a less common word for a revolutionary
of, characteristic of, or relating to revolution or revolutionaries

1710; see revolution + -ist.


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