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a handgun having a revolving chambered cylinder for holding a number of cartridges, which may be discharged in succession without reloading.
a person or thing that revolves.
a pistol having a revolving multichambered cylinder that allows several shots to be discharged without reloading


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  • Revolving

    adjective 1. that revolves: a revolving table top. 2. Machinery. noting or pertaining to a radial engine whose cylinders revolve around a stationary crankshaft, as the engine of a helicopter. verb (used without object), revolved, revolving. 1. to move in a circular or curving course or orbit: The earth revolves around the sun. 2. to […]

  • Revolving-charge-account

    noun 1. a charge plan offerring revolving credit.

  • Revolving-credit

    noun 1. credit automatically available up to a predetermined limit while payments are periodically made. Compare credit line (def 2). revolving credit noun 1. a letter of credit for a fixed sum, specifying that the beneficiary may make repeated use of the credit provided that the fixed sum is never exceeded

  • Revolving-door

    noun 1. an entrance door for excluding drafts from the interior of a building, usually consisting of four rigid leaves set in the form of a cross and rotating about a central, vertical pivot in the doorway. 2. Informal. a company, institution, or organization with a high turnover of personnel or members. a legal, medical, […]

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