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Rfc 1081

messaging, standard
The RFC defining POP3, Post Office Protocol version 3.


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  • Rfc 1094

    standard, networking, storage The RFC defining Sun Microsystems’s Network File System (NFS). (rfc:1094). (1994-12-12)

  • Rfc 1112

    networking, standard The RFC describing MBONE. (rfc:1112). (1994-11-11)

  • Rfc 1119

    networking, standard The RFC defining Network Time Protocol. (rfc:1119). (1994-11-30)

  • Rfc 1123

    networking, standard The RFC “Requirements for Internet Hosts Application and Support” which clarifies or changes the specification of protocols given in earlier RFCs. RFC 1123 defines the terms “MUST”, “SHOULD”, “MAY”, “unconditionally compliant”, “conditionally compliant”. Capitals are used to emphasise that the official definition of the word is being used. MUST or REQUIRED means an […]

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