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Rfc 1550

networking, protocol
An RFC white paper on IPng.


Read Also:

  • Rfc 1561

    networking, protocol One of the RFCs describing the TUBA protocol. (rfc:1561). (1997-11-23)

  • Rfc 1568

    messaging, standard An RFC defining the Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) which is designed to support Internet access to paging services such as those based on the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol. See also RFC 1861. (rfc:1568). (1996-06-24)

  • Rfc 1591

    networking, standard The RFC defining the Domain Name System. Written by J. Postel in March 1994. (2001-05-14)

  • Rfc 1630

    networking, standard The RFC defining the Universal Resource Identifier. (rfc:1630). (1995-01-13)

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