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Request For Technology
registered floor trader (stock market)
[IBM’s] Revisable Format Text
right frontotransverse (position)


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  • Rg

    Symbol, Chemistry, Physics. 1. roentgenium. Football. 1. right guard. Chemical symbol 1. roentgenium abbreviation 1. Guinea (international car registration) Rg roentgenium RG 1. Guinea (international vehicle ID) 2. relational grammar 3. retrograde 4. right guard 5. Rio Group R.G. Latin regula generalis (general rule, or order [of a court])

  • R.g.

    Football. 1. right guard. R.G. Latin regula generalis (general rule, or order [of a court])

  • Rg58

    networking, hardware A common, low-impedance (52 ohm), quarter-inch diameter coaxial cable with BNC connectors, used for 10base2 Ethernet wiring, sometimes called “cheapernet” in comparison with “full spec” RG8 cabling. A member of the “Radio Guide” series. (2002-06-17)

  • Rg8

    networking, hardware, cable (Or “thicknet” – “thick Ethernet”) The original “full spec” cable, used for 10base5 Ethernet networks. RG8 is stiff, large diameter coaxial cable with an impedance of 50 ohms, a member of the “Radio Guide” series. The outer sheath is usually yellow, to indicate double shielding, so it is often just called “yellow […]

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