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Regional Health Authority
Royal Horse Artillery


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  • Rhabditis

    Rhabditis Rhab·di·tis (rāb-dī’tĭs) n. A genus of small nematodes, some of which are parasitic on plants and animals.

  • Rhabdo-

    1. a combining form meaning “rod,” “wand,” used in the formation of compound words: rhabdomyoma. rhabdo- or rhabd- pref. Rod; rodlike: rhabdomyoma.

  • Rhabdocoele

    noun 1. any member of the turbellarian flatworm order Neorhabdocoela, comprising both freshwater and marine species, having a simple saclike digestive system.

  • Rhabdoid

    rhabdoid rhab·doid (rāb’doid’) adj. Rod-shaped.

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