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verb (used without object), rhapsodized, rhapsodizing.
to talk with extravagant enthusiasm.
to speak or write rhapsodies.
verb (used with object), rhapsodized, rhapsodizing.
to recite as a rhapsody.
to speak or write (something) with extravagant enthusiasm
(intransitive) to recite or write rhapsodies


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    noun, plural rhapsodies. 1. Music. an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation. 2. an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm. 3. an epic poem, or a part of such a poem, as a book of the Iliad, suitable for recitation at one time. 4. a similar piece of modern literature. 5. an […]

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    Rhapsody in Blue definition A concerto for piano and orchestra from the early 1920s by George Gershwin; one of the first pieces of “serious” music to contain elements of jazz.

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  • Rhathymia

    noun 1. carefree behavior; light-heartedness.

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