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Rhesus baby

a baby suffering from haemolytic disease at birth as its red blood cells (which are Rh positive) have been attacked in the womb by antibodies from its Rh negative mother Technical name erythroblastosis fetalis


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    [ree-suh s] /ˈri səs/ noun 1. Rh factor. rhesus factor noun 1. See Rh factor Rhesus factor Rhe·sus factor (rē’səs) n. Rh factor.

  • Rhesus monkey

    noun 1. a macaque monkey, Macaca mulatta, of S Asia: used extensively in medical research rhesus monkey (rē’səs) A small, yellowish-brown monkey (Macaca mulatta) of India, widely used in biological and medical research. The Rh (Rhesus) factor was first discovered in rhesus monkeys.

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