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rhinocheiloplasty rhi·no·chei·lo·plas·ty or rhi·no·chi·lo·plas·ty (rī’nō-kī’lə-plās’tē)
Plastic or reparative surgery of the nose and upper lip.


Read Also:

  • Rhinocladiella

    Rhinocladiella Rhi·no·clad·i·el·la (rī’nō-klād’ē-ěl’ə) n. A genus of dark-colored fungi that cause chromomycosis.

  • Rhinocleisis

    rhinocleisis rhi·no·clei·sis (rī’nə-klī’sĭs) n. See rhinostenosis.

  • Rhinodacryolith

    rhinodacryolith rhi·no·dac·ry·o·lith (rī’nō-dāk’rē-ə-lĭth’) n. A calculus in the nasolacrimal duct.

  • Rhinodynia

    rhinodynia rhi·no·dyn·i·a (rī’nə-dĭn’ē-ə) n. See rhinalgia.

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