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rank has its privileges


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  • Rhipicephalus

    Rhipicephalus Rhi·pi·ceph·a·lus (rī’pĭ-sěf’ə-ləs, rĭp’ĭ-) n. A genus of ixodids including species that are vectors of various diseases in humans and domestic animals, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

  • Rhis

    RHIS REUTERS Health Information Services

  • Rhiz

    1. a combining form meaning “root,” used in the formation of compound words: rhizophagous. combining form 1. root: rhizomorphous rhizo- or rhiz- pref. Root: rhizoid.

  • Rhizanthous

    adjective, Botany. 1. bearing flowers directly from the root.

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