Rhododendron bug

See lace bug

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  • Rhodogenesis

    rhodogenesis rho·do·gen·e·sis (rō’də-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. The regeneration of rhodopsin by the combination of 11-cis-retinal and opsin, occurring in darkness.

  • Rhodolite

    noun 1. a rose or reddish-violet garnet, similar to pyrope, used as a gem. noun 1. a pale violet or red variety of garnet, used as a gemstone

  • Rhodomontade

    [rod-uh-mon-teyd, -tahd, -muh n-, roh-duh-] /ˌrɒd ə mɒnˈteɪd, -ˈtɑd, -mən-, ˌroʊ də-/ noun, adjective, verb, rhodomontaded, rhodomontading. Obsolete. 1. rodomontade.

  • Rhodonite

    noun 1. a mineral, manganese metasilicate, MnSiO 3 , occurring usually in rose-red masses, sometimes used as an ornamental stone; manganese spar. noun 1. a brownish translucent mineral consisting of manganese silicate in triclinic crystalline form with calcium, iron, or magnesium sometimes replacing the manganese. It occurs in metamorphic rocks, esp in New Jersey and […]

  • Rhodope

    noun 1. a mountain range in SW Bulgaria. Highest peak, Mus Allah, 9595 feet (2925 meters). 2. Classical Mythology. a maiden skilled in hunting, the companion of Artemis.

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