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noun, plural rhombuses, rhombi
[rom-bahy] /ˈrɒm baɪ/ (Show IPA)
an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram; any equilateral parallelogram except a square.
an equilateral parallelogram, including the square as a special case.
a rhombohedron.
noun (pl) -buses, -bi (-baɪ)
an oblique-angled parallelogram having four equal sides Also called rhomb Compare square (sense 1)
Plural rhombuses or rhombi (rŏm’bī)
A parallelogram with four equal sides; an equilateral parallelogram.

rhomboid, rhomboidal adjective


Read Also:

  • Rhombic

    adjective 1. having the form of a rhombus. 2. having a rhombus as base or cross section. 3. bounded by rhombuses, as a solid. 4. Crystallography. orthorhombic. adjective 1. relating to or having the shape of a rhombus 2. (crystallog) another word for orthorhombic rhombic rhom·bic (rŏm’bĭk) adj. Relating to the rhombencephalon. Rhomboid.

  • Rhombic aerial

    noun 1. a directional travelling-wave aerial, usually horizontal, consisting of two conductors each forming a pair of adjacent sides of a rhombus

  • Rhombo-

    1. a combining form representing rhombus in compound words: rhombencephalon. rhombo- or rhomb- pref. Rhombus: rhomboid.

  • Rhombocele

    rhombocele rhom·bo·cele (rŏm’bə-sēl’) n. See rhomboidal sinus.

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