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noun, Navigation.
rhumb line.
a point of the compass.
short for rhumb line


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  • Rhumba

    noun, plural rhumbas [ruhm-buh z, roo m-, room-] /ˈrʌm bəz, ˈrʊm-, ˈrum-/ (Show IPA), verb (used without object), rhumbaed [ruhm-buh d, roo m-, room-] /ˈrʌm bəd, ˈrʊm-, ˈrum-/ (Show IPA), rhumbaing [ruhm-buh-ing, roo m-, room-] /ˈrʌm bə ɪŋ, ˈrʊm-, ˈrum-/ (Show IPA) 1. rumba. noun, plural rumbas [ruhm-buh z, roo m-, room-] /ˈrʌm bəz, ˈrʊm-, […]

  • Rhumbatron

    noun 1. another name for cavity resonator

  • Rhumb-line

    noun 1. a curve on the surface of a sphere that cuts all meridians at the same angle. It is the path taken by a vessel or aircraft that maintains a constant compass direction. noun 1. an imaginary line on the surface of a sphere, such as the earth, that intersects all meridians at the […]

  • Rhumb-sailing

    noun 1. sea navigation along rhumb lines.

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