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identity in sound of some part, especially the end, of words or lines of verse.
a word agreeing with another in terminal sound: Find is a rhyme for mind and womankind.
verse or poetry having correspondence in the terminal sounds of the lines.
a poem or piece of verse having such correspondence.
verse (def 4).
verb (used with object), rhymed, rhyming.
to treat in rhyme, as a subject; turn into rhyme, as something in prose.
to compose (verse or the like) in metrical form with rhymes.
to use (a word) as a rhyme to another word; use (words) as rhymes.
verb (used without object), rhymed, rhyming.
to make rhyme or verse; versify.
to use rhyme in writing verse.
to form a rhyme, as one word or line with another:
a word that rhymes with orange.
to be composed in metrical form with rhymes, as verse:
poetry that rhymes.
rhyme or reason, logic, sense, or plan:
There was no rhyme or reason for what they did.
identity of the terminal sounds in lines of verse or in words
a word that is identical to another in its terminal sound: “while” is a rhyme for “mile”
a verse or piece of poetry having corresponding sounds at the ends of the lines: the boy made up a rhyme about his teacher
any verse or piece of poetry
rhyme or reason, sense, logic, or meaning: this proposal has no rhyme or reason
to use (a word) or (of a word) to be used so as to form a rhyme; be or make identical in sound
to render (a subject) into rhyme
to compose (verse) in a metrical structure

rhyme definition

A similarity of sound between words, such as moon, spoon, croon, tune, and June. Rhyme is often employed in verse.


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