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[rith -uh m-uh n-blooz] /ˈrɪð əm ənˈbluz/
a folk-based but urbanized form of black popular music that is marked by strong, repetitious rhythms and simple melodies and was developed, in a commercialized form, into rock-‘n’-roll.


Read Also:

  • Rhythm-band

    noun 1. a collection of simple percussion instruments used especially with piano accompaniment to teach musical rhythm.

  • Rhythm guitar

    noun a style of guitar playing in popular music consisting of the chord sequences over which a song or melody is sung

  • Rhythmic

    adjective 1. cadenced; rhythmical. noun 2. rhythmics. adjective 1. of, relating to, or characterized by rhythm, as in movement or sound; metrical, periodic, or regularly recurring

  • Rhythmical

    adjective 1. periodic, as motion, or a drumbeat. 2. having a flowing rhythm. 3. of or relating to rhythm: an excellent rhythmical sense.

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