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rib-knit (def 2).


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  • Ribbed-toad

    noun 1. tailed frog. noun 1. a frog, Ascaphus truei, of the northwestern U.S. and adjacent Canada, the male of which has its cloaca modified into a taillike copulatory organ.

  • Ribbed-vault

    noun, Architecture. 1. a vault supported by or decorated with diagonal ribs.

  • Ribbentrop

    noun 1. Joachim von [yoh-ah-khim fuh n] /ˈyoʊ ɑ xɪm fən/ (Show IPA), 1893–1946, German leader in the Nazi party: minister of foreign affairs 1938–45; executed for war crimes. noun 1. Joachim von (ˈjoːaxɪm fɔn). 1893–1946, German Nazi politician: foreign minister under Hitler (1938–45). He was hanged after conviction as a war criminal at Nuremberg

  • Ribber

    noun 1. one of a series of curved bones that are articulated with the vertebrae and occur in pairs, 12 in humans, on each side of the vertebrate body, certain pairs being connected with the sternum and forming the thoracic wall. 2. a cut of meat, as beef, containing a rib. 3. ribs, spareribs (def […]

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