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ribosuria ri·bo·su·ri·a (rī’bō-sur’ē-ə)
Excretion of an excessive amount of ribose in the urine, usually a manifestation of muscular dystrophy.


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  • Ribosyl

    ribosyl ri·bo·syl (rī’bō-sĭl’) n. The radical C5H9O4 formed from ribose.

  • Ribozo

    noun, plural ribozos. 1. rebozo.

  • Ribozyme

    noun 1. a segment of RNA that can act as a catalyst. noun 1. an RNA molecule capable of catalysing a chemical reaction, usually the cleavage of another RNA molecule ribozyme ri·bo·zyme (rī’bə-zīm’) n. A strand of RNA that attaches to specific sites on other RNA strands and lyses the strands.

  • Rib-roast

    noun 1. a cut of beef taken from the small end of the ribs and containing a large rib eye and two or more ribs.

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