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Rich site summary

(RSS, feed) A family of document types (generally based on RDF) for listing updates to a site. RSS documents (generally called “RSS feeds”, “news feeds” or just “feeds”) are readable with RSS readers (sometimes called “aggregators”) like BottomFeeder.


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    adjective, adverb, noun 1. a Scot word for right

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    noun 1. a scale, ranging from 1 to 10, for indicating the intensity of an earthquake. Richter scale /ˈrɪxtə/ noun 1. a scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake in terms of the logarithm of the amplitude of the ground wave; values range from 0 to over 9 Compare Mercalli scale See also magnitude […]

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    noun 1. ribbed vault. ribbed vault noun, Architecture. 1. a vault supported by or decorated with diagonal ribs.

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