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the motion of an object or a projectile in rebounding or deflecting one or more times from the surface over which it is passing or against which it hits a glancing blow.
verb (used without object), ricocheted
[rik-uh-sheyd, rik-uh-sheyd] /ˌrɪk əˈʃeɪd, ˈrɪk əˌʃeɪd/ (Show IPA), ricocheting
[rik-uh-shey-ing, rik-uh-shey-ing] /ˌrɪk əˈʃeɪ ɪŋ, ˈrɪk əˌʃeɪ ɪŋ/ (Show IPA) or (especially British) ricochetted
[rik-uh-shet-id] /ˈrɪk əˌʃɛt ɪd/ (Show IPA), ricochetting
[rik-uh-shet-ing] /ˈrɪk əˌʃɛt ɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to move in this way, as a projectile.
verb -chets, -cheting (-ˌʃeɪɪŋ), -cheted (-ˌʃeɪd), -chets, -chetting (-ˌʃɛtɪŋ), -chetted (-ˌʃɛtɪd)
(intransitive) (esp of a bullet) to rebound from a surface or surfaces, usually with a characteristic whining or zipping sound
the motion or sound of a rebounding object, esp a bullet
an object, esp a bullet, that ricochets


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