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verb (used with or without object), riffled, riffling.
to turn hastily; flutter and shift:
to riffle a stack of letters; to riffle through a book.
Cards. to shuffle by dividing the deck in two, raising the corners slightly, and allowing them to fall alternately together.
to cause or become a riffle.
a rapid, as in a stream.
a ripple, as upon the surface of water.
Mining. the lining of transverse bars or slats on the bed of a sluice, arranged so as to catch heavy minerals, as gold or platinum.
a hopper for distributing bulk material.
the act or method of riffling cards.
when intr, often foll by through. to flick rapidly through (the pages of a book, magazine, etc), esp in a desultory manner
to shuffle (playing cards) by halving the pack and flicking the adjacent corners together
to make or become a riffle
(US & Canadian)

a rapid in a stream
a rocky shoal causing a rapid
a ripple on water

(mining) a contrivance on the bottom of a sluice, containing transverse grooves for trapping particles of gold
the act or an instance of riffling
riffle 1
riffle 2


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